10 Affordable Ideas For Large Wall Decor

Decorative Leaves

Another good idea is to stick some leaves to the wall and create wooden frames for them. You can gather the same type of decorative leaves. Or, you can also utilize different kinds. This should bring life to your place as much as adding houseplants does.


Messages and the Alphabet

Posting some quotes and messages on your wall is an excellent way to make your home cozy, too. If you have a stash of bond paper or a cartolina and some markers, you won’t have to spend a single dime decorating that large wall. All you have to do is to think about inspirational quotes and write them down on a bond paper before sticking it to the wall.

Another option, especially if you have kids at home, is to cut out the letters of the alphabet. That blank wall will then be useful in educating your children.

Ethnic Decor

Do you have a nice ethnic blanket? You can actually hang it! Doing so would be the fastest way of decorating that blank space. It could even be a quilt, a piece of fabric, or tapestry with a beautiful pattern. And you know one good thing that this can do? If the material is thick enough, that will also help soundproof your home.

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