10 Gorgeous Bohemian Bedroom Styles For Inspiration

Did you know that Bohemianism dates all the way back to the 1800s? This gave birth to the so-called Bohemian style, which is more of a hippie fashion. It involves retro patterns, natural fabrics, as well as neutral and warm shades. But it is not only the Boho clothing and accessories that have become a phenomenon. Nowadays, Bohemian home decor is also very popular.

If you are looking into changing the looks of your bedroom and you like the Bohemian style, the following ideas should inspire you:

Ethnic Touch

The simplest way to achieve a Boho-style bedroom is to add an ethnic touch to your beddings and decorations. In this photo, you will see those ethnic fabrics hanging on the wall. The top sheet and pillowcases also come with opulent ethnic-like colors, which are integral when talking about Bohemian design. You can make use of neutral shades too when it comes to your furniture and other displays.

Knit Blanket

If you want to attain a dreamy, Boho bedroom, adding some knit textiles would be excellent. You might want to look for knit or crochet pillowcases as well to make your beddings stand out even more. Those houseplants in the image below add up to the theme as well, so feel free to incorporate greens in your bedroom design.

Natural Plants

Adding indoor plants, indeed, are an excellent way to turn your space into a real Bohemian sanctuary, perfect for meditating, relaxing, or even entertaining. In fact, natural plants are an important component of a Boho theme. They give a personal touch to the decoration.

Plants, big or small, positioned on the floor or even hanging on the wall, can accentuate the other pieces in your room.

Decorative Lights

The Bohemian style is full of layers, and that includes lighting, too. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have different sources of light. Natural lighting is one. Instead of using the standard overhead light, go for pendant lights made from baskets, lanterns, and macrame. And to complete the Boho feel, add some string, decorative lights as well.

Touch of Rustic Style

Although Bohemian decor is a mixture of patterns, colors, and textures, you can actually start with a neutral, earthy tone like that of a rustic style. This should help you avoid getting overwhelmed. So your best base would be wood. And from there, work your way out coming up with appropriate patterns. As you can see in the photo below, the wall, ceiling, and flooring are all wood. But those colorful pillows and top sheet stands out, which gives it the Bohemian look.


The true objective of a Bohemian-style bedroom is to express free-spiritedness. It represents freedom, ease, and comfort. And besides, your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you can make it as comfortable as you want. Hanging a hammock in a corner should help bring in the Boho-style. You may opt for something colorful. Or, you can also pick one with a neutral color, such as the one in the picture.

Earthy Accents

To make your bedroom totally zen, opting for earthy accents would be a great idea. They can still come with patterns but the shades are not that bold. It would be best to stick with natural and light fabrics. You also need to play with soft and natural light and enhance your room with natural accents. Keep the furniture simple. The same is true with the ornaments and decorations.

Vintage Look

The Bohemian style can give your bedroom a vintage look, and this all depends on the color palettes, patterns, and fabrics that you utilize. Again, this has something to do with natural colors. You can display a woven basket as well as a vintage-looking framed poster, such as the one in the picture below.

Colorful Pillows

With colorful dots, flowers, and throw pillows, you can easily pull off a Boho-style bedroom. On your side table, you can display artificial or natural plants.

Macrame Decor

In this photo, you can see the texture. The bedroom also has macrame wall decor, which makes the Boho-style even more appealing.

Creating a Boho-style bedroom from the ground up should not be that hard as long as you know how to play with colors, patterns, and textures. Don’t hesitate to layer things up. After all, that’s what the Bohemian design is all about. With the help of the tips above, you should be able to decorate your bedroom the right way, following the creativeness of Bohemian style.