10 Laundry Room Ideas For Your Inspiration

We’ve all got to do the laundry. It may be your least favorite household chore, but it is something that you can’t skip doing. Otherwise, you would end up with a huge pile of dirty clothes and nothing to wear.

Updating your laundry room, on the other hand, would make you want to spend more time in this section of your home. Give it the TLC that it needs, and you will surely thank yourself sooner or later. With the right storage solutions, detailed tile work, and painted cabinetry as well as various decorations, the laundry area can be transformed into a more functional and appealing room that you would want to show off to your guests.

Here are some laundry room ideas for your inspiration:

White and a Touch of Wood

White color tends to create a calming mood. Not to mention that it represents purity and cleanliness. So why not consider this color when painting your laundry room? So then you can easily spot dirty areas and you can clean them immediately before they turn into an eyesore.

To make this area more interesting, though, add touches of wood. Go for light brown. You can accentuate the laundry room with a little bit of green by adding indoor plants as well.

Mixed Colors

When it comes to color, you have the freedom to choose a combination that your heart desires. You might want to consider a black or dark gray wall, wooden floor and shelves, and….a yellow sink. Sounds weird? Look at the image below. It’s a real beauty!

Loft Style

Loft style is a modern interior design that is characterized by a huge space as well as industrial elements. It may come with a cement floor, high ceilings, etc. And, yes, you can definitely incorporate this style into your laundry area, especially if you have the luxury of space. Again, you can accentuate this style with natural accents like a wooden countertop where you can fold your clothes.

Colorful Wallpaper

If you are working on a tiny space. A closet-turned-laundry-space, for instance, installing wallpaper would definitely make the area more attractive. Choose a wallpaper design with lots of colors. You can also add a pendant light so that the space would be brighter.

Concrete Wall

A bare concrete wall would look good, too, as long as you match it with the right type of materials. For instance, you can have the left wall all concrete while the other side is painted white. And then, the other side can be a wooden cabinet that houses your washer and dryer. Plus, storage space for your laundry essentials.

To make the room look livelier, add some indoor plants in a wooden planter.

Vintage Look

Do you want a vintage look for your laundry room? That’s doable! It’s all about choosing the right mixture of materials. Wood would be good as always. You can add shelves made with distressed wood as well.

Tile Backsplash

Your laundry room would have a decorative focal point if you opt for a tile backsplash. This is also a great way to conceal the plumbing fixtures as well as electrical outlets. There are plenty of tile options that you can choose from, depending on the style that you are trying to achieve.

Crafty Baskets

Giving your laundry room a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tear it apart and start from scratch. You can simply add some elements to it like crafty baskets. Aside from they are an excellent storage solution, they could also add to the aesthetic value.

Pegboard Wall

The laundry room can easily get cluttered because of those tiny things that you may have laying around. Consider hanging a pegboard wall so you can organize those items and quickly grab them whenever you need them.

Drying Rack

In a small laundry room, you need to maximize the space as much as you can. This means that you have to utilize every space there is. So instead of leaving the space above your washer and dryer empty, install a drying rack. You can also check other corners where you can hang more drying racks.

Have you picked a laundry room design idea? I hope you did. 🙂 Once you are all done with this room, I’m sure you won’t have to drag yourself to do your laundry anymore. You would love the feel and looks of the area, and, of course, that will make you a proud homeowner. Start your laundry makeover soon!