10 Laundry Room Ideas For Your Inspiration

Loft Style

Loft style is a modern interior design that is characterized by a huge space as well as industrial elements. It may come with a cement floor, high ceilings, etc. And, yes, you can definitely incorporate this style into your laundry area, especially if you have the luxury of space. Again, you can accentuate this style with natural accents like a wooden countertop where you can fold your clothes.

Colorful Wallpaper

If you are working on a tiny space. A closet-turned-laundry-space, for instance, installing wallpaper would definitely make the area more attractive. Choose a wallpaper design with lots of colors. You can also add a pendant light so that the space would be brighter.

Concrete Wall

A bare concrete wall would look good, too, as long as you match it with the right type of materials. For instance, you can have the left wall all concrete while the other side is painted white. And then, the other side can be a wooden cabinet that houses your washer and dryer. Plus, storage space for your laundry essentials.

To make the room look livelier, add some indoor plants in a wooden planter.

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