10 Pantry Design Ideas From The Experts

Since the kitchen is the heart of every home, it should be functional and organized. However, if you have a busy family, this part of your house can easily become cluttered, which is something that you do not want to happen, of course. It is then essential that you are smart when it comes to utilizing every storage space.

To prevent your kitchen from becoming an eyesore, one great solution is incorporating a walk-in pantry. Here, you can keep food, cookware, and other items that you want to store. But how can you design a pantry in such a way that it will serve its purpose and be appealing at the same time?

The following are pantry design ideas from the experts:

Uniform Containers

There are so many containers and jars that you can find out there to store your food with. But take note that these items are not just for storage. They can also contribute to how organized your pantry is as well as how it would like. So instead of buying different colors of containers, observe uniformity. This will make it easier for you to organize. Make use of glass jars so you can readily see what’s in them.


It would always be a good idea to transfer your culinary goods to a container rather than keeping them in their original packaging, especially if you are buying them in bulk. However, this would also require you to take some time to label them. It will surely save you a lot of time sooner or later, come the time that you need to use, and look for a certain item.


I know putting groceries away could be a daunting task sometimes. But you really don’t have to do this every day, so be patient! First and foremost, you have to group your food items and put those that fall under the same category in a certain region. This way, it would be much easier for you to get into them when you need them.

Additional Shelves

A fully stocked pantry would look disorganized, especially if you try to squeeze them all in a small cabinet. With this, it is highly recommended that you add some shelves. You can purchase ready-made shelves. Or, you can also have a contractor add some for you. More shelves, more space, the better!


Just like shelves, cabinets are essential when it comes to a walk-in pantry. They provide room for those items that you want to keep hidden. It is alright to mix and match. But as much as possible, keep the cabinets consistent throughout your kitchen and pantry. Like what we have said earlier, uniformity is one way of making things look more organized.


You should never hesitate to have a tall pantry because you can always use a ladder to get to the topmost shelf. And besides, a ladder can definitely add more appeal to your pantry as long as it matches the design of the room.

As a friendly reminder, it would be better to keep food items that you occasionally use on those hard-to-reach shelves and those that you always use on the middle part of the shelves for easy access. This way, you can avoid climbing the ladder all the time.


Just like any part of your home, providing ample lighting to your walk-in pantry is also essential. In fact, you can even have some shelves or drawers with lights. Why not? As long as you keep things neat, you can certainly show them off with various types of lighting.


Chalkboards are becoming more and more popular these days when it comes to home decor. Utilizing a chalkboard can help add your personal touch to a certain space. As for your pantry, this addition can serve as your memo board. You can even write down some recipes or perhaps your grocery list.

Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are an excellent storage solution, too. They can improve storage ease and accessibility. You can use them to keep spices and other miscellaneous items. Another great way to avoid clutter.

Corner Shelves

If you don’t want a tall pantry, you may opt for corner shelves instead. There is no more need to leave those corners empty. What you can do is to have custom shelves built. You can also have them painted with a shade that complements that of your pantry.

There you go with some pantry design ideas. In fact, the list doesn’t stop there. You actually have so many choices when it comes to designing or organizing your pantry.

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