10 Pantry Design Ideas From The Experts


You should never hesitate to have a tall pantry because you can always use a ladder to get to the topmost shelf. And besides, a ladder can definitely add more appeal to your pantry as long as it matches the design of the room.

As a friendly reminder, it would be better to keep food items that you occasionally use on those hard-to-reach shelves and those that you always use on the middle part of the shelves for easy access. This way, you can avoid climbing the ladder all the time.


Just like any part of your home, providing ample lighting to your walk-in pantry is also essential. In fact, you can even have some shelves or drawers with lights. Why not? As long as you keep things neat, you can certainly show them off with various types of lighting.


Chalkboards are becoming more and more popular these days when it comes to home decor. Utilizing a chalkboard can help add your personal touch to a certain space. As for your pantry, this addition can serve as your memo board. You can even write down some recipes or perhaps your grocery list.

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