10 Photo Display Ideas That Are Stylish and Unique

Collecting photographs is a neat hobby. Well, most of us do this. With the advent of smartphones, digital cameras, and other devices that can be used to take pictures, it is so easy for anybody to take ‘selfies’ and snapshots of just about anything.

Facebook and Instagram are loaded with photos. That’s the trend now. But did you know that you can actually have printouts of those pictures and incorporate them into your home decor? What’s good about this is that you really don’t have to spend lots of money on it. All you need is some art materials, and you are all set!

Here are stylish, unique, and creative photo display ideas that you might want to copy:

Hang Photos on Christmas Lights

Who said that Christmas lights can only be hanged during the yuletide season? Instead of keeping those decorative lights for 11 months, why not bring them out and hang your favorite pictures on them using wooden clothespins? The lights would illuminate the pictures, too. This would be an excellent way to decorate the wall in your room and would give a nice view, especially at nighttime.

Post Them on the Fridge

Most of the time, people post their bills on their fridge, which could easily become an eyesore. Wouldn’t it be better if you see pictures in that area of your kitchen that will remind you of good memories? Choose your best photos. It could be your wedding, trip to Paris, your kid’s first birthday, or just a nice picture of you and your significant other or best friend. Arrange and post them using fridge magnets.

Another good idea is to have those pictures transformed into refrigerator magnets themselves. Every time you open your refrigerator, those snapshots would surely make you smile.

Use Twine and Clothespin

You don’t need fancy materials to display your best photos. With just twine and some clothespin, you can create a masterpiece. Gather the pictures that you want to showcase, hang twine from the ceiling against the wall, and hang those photos using clothespins. If possible, enlarge the pictures so they can be clearly seen.

Go Vintage

Trying to achieve a vintage look? If you have an old TV, you can display your favorite picture with a wooden frame. Just set it up next to the old television, and you’d have a vintage-looking corner. You can also display more than one picture if you wish to. Just make sure that the picture frames are all wooden.

Decorate the Picture Frame With Succulent Plants

Succulent picture frames are big nowadays. Adding them to your home decor would be fantastic, especially if you are trying to achieve a ‘green’ theme. Those plants would surely bring life to your home.

What you need to do is to simply pick the pictures that you want to showcase, and then decorate the edges of the frame with succulent plants. You have the freedom to choose any arrangement that your heart desires.

Hang Them Like the Laundry

Aiming for a country or rustic design? Hang those photos like the laundry! Utilize rope, clothespin, and brown paper to display your pictures. This would look really fabulous against a distressed wooden wall.

Create an Exhibition Wall

Got lots of pictures to show off? Then create an exhibition wall as the art galleries do. Instead of hanging traditional pictures on the wall, make sure that the frames protrude like the image below. You can display as many photos as you want. You can even fill the entire wall if you wish to. Do it like an artist!

Go Black and White

Another fun way to display images is opting for black and white. You’d only need to have illustration boards cut in any size that you want. This one here is more of minimalist home decor.

Get Creative With a Metal Grid

Some people love to display pictures on their work desks. But sometimes, doing this could easily clutter a workspace. One great idea is to hang them instead on a metal grid. With this, you can show off as many pictures as you want. You’ll get to maximize the space.

Display on Various Frames

Displaying photos using various frames is an incredible idea as well. If you have a collection of picture frames with different sizes, styles, colors, and textures, just them bring them out and hang them on the wall.

With so many ways in which you can creatively display your best photos, there is no more need to keep them in an album. Fill your home with images that will remind you of great memories. Using very simple materials, you should be able to decorate your home in a stylish and unique way.

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