11 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Feng Shui Bathroom

If you want to optimize the flow of energy into your home, you should give the same importance to your bathroom just like you do to your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Water is an essential element in Feng Shui as it is related to wealth, social networks, and wisdom. With this in mind, it just shows that you have to pay more attention to your bathroom, or else the water element can be flushed down the drain.

Here are some Feng Shui tips that will help you neutralize negative energy and bring prosperity to your home, particularly the bathroom:

Always Conserve Water

Water is one of the most precious resources that we have. Conserving water in the bathroom is a good practice that creates good energy. When you are mindful of not wasting water, it will follow that you will do the same with other aspects. Repair leaks as soon as possible, take shorter showers, install water-saving devices and explore other means to save on water.

Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

Feng Shui dictates that bathrooms should always be clean and orderly. Declutter your bathroom by removing empty bottles of skincare products, shampoos, toiletries, and others. When there is a lack of sanitation and order in the bathroom, negative energy in this part of your home will prevail over the good.

Close Toilet Seat and Bathroom Door

Closing the toilet seat means that good energy will not be flushed down the drain. The same concept applies to the bathroom door. Always be cautious not to leave it open. Another way to prevent good energy from being flushed down the drain is to conceal the bathroom. Aside from always closing the door, it should not be easily seen.

Hang Mirror on the Bathroom Door

Placing a mirror on the outside of a bathroom door will remove Feng Shui issues. You can also place mirrors inside the bathroom as they can increase the amount of light and speed up chi circulation. Just make sure that what is reflected in the mirror is positive energy. This should tell you not to place the mirror in front of the toilet bowl.

Use Plants to Purify Air

Feng Shui encourages you to place plants in your bathroom as they help in purifying the air. It is also believed that house plants in the bathroom negate the downward flow of water as they will be able to transform the flow of water into vital life energy. Nature element is also brought to your bathroom as plants need water to survive.

Plant suggestions for bathrooms are lucky bamboos, which are also believed to bring in abundance and good luck.

Use Feng Shui Colors in Your Bathroom

The recommended colors for your bathroom are white and green for their calming effects. They also signify vitality and serenity. When decorating walls, skin colors and white are suggested as they represent renewal and purification. You should never use black or blue and any water motifs in your bathroom as they represent the water element.

Ventilate Your Bathroom

Air that is stagnant is not a good thing in Feng Shui. If your bathroom has windows, open them so fresh air and sunlight can come in to counter the water element’s downward flow. A ventilator is needed if you have an enclosed bathroom. Air fresheners are also encouraged, but using essential oils are better as they are soothing to the senses.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Generally, bathrooms are left out when we think of buying things to decorate our home. But mind you. Feng Shui principle says that bathrooms or any place in your home should be beautiful to nourish the spirit. So if your bathroom has a window, it should have curtains. Plants and candles can also enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Light Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms should always have bright lights, whether it is natural or artificial light. A dark and dingy bathroom is a no-no in Feng Shui. When there is good lighting, it connotes cheerfulness and vitality and facilitates a practical way of living.

Replace Dirty towels

Towels can be breeding places of bacteria because they are always wet. It can also accumulate stains and odor. You cannot use something dirty on your skin which is the largest part of your body to absorb energy.

Choose the Right Location of Your Bathroom

Modern houses have bathrooms inside bedrooms because of convenience. It may not be a good Feng Shui idea but you can put screens and curtains and always close the bathroom door.

Bathroom doors should not also face the front door and kitchen. So when constructing your future home, make sure to avoid this. In the meantime, you may have to find ways to obstruct the door from the kitchen and front door. An example is placing a cabinet in between.

As you can see, most of the tips are doable, except for the last one. When you will soon construct your next home, make sure that you hire an architect who is Feng Shui proficient.

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