14 Designer Kitchen Decor Ideas for Entertaining And Cooking

There are so many reasons we have to decorate our kitchen. It is where we have dinners and in some cases, entertain our guests. It can also be an excellent place to bond with the rest of the family with snacks and board games. Indeed, if there is one place in our homes that gives us so much joy, it must be the kitchen.

To make the kitchen even more comfortable, beautiful, and efficient, the best idea is to decorate it with functional items with sleek designs. Here are some designer kitchen ideas that you should consider. They will not only leave your kitchen looking great, but they will also make cooking more efficient while giving you a much more comfy place.

Chic and Comfy Kitchen Bar Stools

The kitchen bar can be the best place to entertain guests while you are still busy rushing some finger foods for a cup of wine or some sandwich for your afternoon coffee. White comfy bar stools will surely enlighten your kitchen while providing you the best place when having a tete-a-tete over coffee or wine.

Chandeliers and Pendants for Your Kitchen

Ordinary electric bulbs can light up the kitchen, but it will be different when you have chandeliers and pendants over your head. If you have a theme for your kitchen in mind, don’t’ forget to consider the kitchen’s lighting. It can give your kitchen an exquisite look even during the day.

Unique Cabinet Designs

Cabinets are important fixtures in the kitchen. They are where we store various items. To upgrade your kitchen, the cabinets should be among the first that you should think of. If your cabinets are well-installed on walls, changing the cabinet doors with sleek designs can give your kitchen a new look.

Energizing Paint Colors

Repainting your kitchen will automatically give your kitchen a fresh look. Look for vibrant colors that complement well with your floor, furniture, and fixture.

Gorgeous and Functional Kitchen Island

If you have a wider space in your kitchen, an elegant kitchen island can fill in the void. You can use it in a number of ways, like an additional seating area when you have more guests. It should also have compartments for additional storage.

Elegant Kitchen Backsplash

If you think the backsplash area in your kitchen is nothing but an empty and non-functional space. Think again. It can be the part of your kitchen that can give that expensive and attractive look you desired for so long.

Beautiful Kitchen Rug

Putting a new kitchen rug can be the easiest way to decorate your kitchen. It does not only give a more beautiful look, but it also adds a softer ambiance to your kitchen.

Sanity-Saving Design for Your Kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen does not have to be expensive. Look for designs that fit your budget. You can try rearranging movable fixtures and start from there. What are you going to add? A beautiful indoor plant on an expensive flower vase can give a new look and feel to your kitchen.

Striking Artwork

We use artwork to decorate other rooms in our house. But have you not tried it in your kitchen? If you have a blank wall in your kitchen, hanging a beautiful artwork will liven up the wall and this section of your home itself as a whole.

Excellent Window Treatment

Maybe it’s about time to change those woven wood shades into something more beautiful. You can choose cellular shades because they have many color options, which makes it better for you to choose and match.

Spotless and Practical Hardware

It’s never a good idea to skimp on the sink, faucet, and countertop when redesigning a kitchen. They are the most used parts in the kitchen so they need to be durable and beautiful too.


Hard Stone Kitchen Countertops

Granite is still the best kitchen countertop material but there are other beautiful options as well, like soapstone and marble. Countertops should always be impervious to heat, durable, and elegant.

Matching Dining Table and Chairs

When buying a dining table, it may be best that you get it as a set with the dining chairs. This will ensure that they complement each other in design and functionality.

Beautiful Cookware

Updating your cookware will surely have an impact on your kitchen. Get rid of those tired-looking and battle-scarred cookware you bought five years ago with shiny pots and pans.

We all dream of a beautiful and efficient kitchen. With all these ideas on how to decorate your kitchen, you must have chosen at least one to start transforming your kitchen from a sleepy nook to a vibrant and more functional one.

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