14 Loft Style Bedroom Decor Designs

Loft bedrooms are common nowadays, especially to the smaller dwellings. This type of room does not only allow you to save space and maximize vertical space but also allows you to highlight a room’s architecture. Growing up, I’ve always been a fan of loft-style bedrooms. They look so cozy, plus there are endless options when it comes to designing or decorating them.

Aiming to redecorate your lofted bedroom? Here are excellent ideas that will surely take your style and your sanctuary to a whole new level:

Twin Beds

Whether you are designing a loft-style bedroom for yourself, your kids, or perhaps one that will serve as a guest room, adding twin beds to this space would be a great idea. It is certainly perfect for sleepovers as well as for guests. You may opt for white interiors and light furnishing as this would help widen the space.

Modern Steel Grey Accents

If you live in a modern loft apartment or a contemporary home, you can increase the liveable square footage by elevating your room. With this, you can utilize modern steel grey accents, which will give your place that edgy look. More so if the interior involves classic white and wood. You can also install wide glass panel walls to make the room look bigger.

Skylight Window

If you have an attic or loft bedroom, pitched ceilings would be nice. You can build a skylight window that will not only allow natural light to come in but also open up the constricted space. You can utilize thick wood beams as well.

White Walls That Extend to The Ceiling

To make your compact space feel much larger, you can add white walls that extend to the ceiling. Pair it with a low-profile bed and you are all set.

Neutral Palette

When decorating a small room, it is highly recommended that you opt for a neutral palette. Light or neutral colors like white, off-white, as well as beige or even light gray, can help make the room look bigger. Such colors allow light to reflect, making the space look more open.

Unique Lampshades

Along with a neutral palette, you can decorate your loft-style bedroom with unique lampshades. This will surely catch everyone’s attention and bring the eye upwards.

All-White Interior

Without a doubt, all-white interiors create seamlessness. It helps bounce off light, making the room appear brighter. Now, to add more character to the space, you can consider adding interesting details like patterned wood floors or perhaps unique lighting.

Spiral Staircase

For loft apartments and small houses, a spiral staircase is advisable because it doesn’t take up that much space and it is elegant-looking as well. Be sure though that you pick a color that complements the overall design of your place.

Glass Wall

Do you want a chic and luxurious-looking lofted bedroom? Incorporating a glass wall would definitely do the trick. It makes any place look fancier, stylish, and modern.

Exposed Beams

It is always advisable to add cozy details to a bedroom, whether it is loft-style or just a regular one. To give it a more striking look, consider adding some exposed beams. That would match the details very well.

Bookshelf-Flanked Loft

Bookshelf-flanked lofts are a trend because they are, indeed, space-savers. If you have a lot of books that you would want to display, this would be the perfect design for your room. You can also pick a theme that you want.

Wood Jalousie Panels

Wood jalousie panels are another great addition to any room. They are functional as you can open or close them if you want some privacy. They also offer ventilation.

Custom-Built Closet

Custom-built closets are a good solution to a small space. Instead of leaving the sides unused, you can build a customized closet, which will give you more storage space. Every inch of the room will be used wisely, and this will help you avoid clutter.

Bedroom and Study Combo

Do you want to have a study room or a home office, but you no longer have space for that? Well, consider renovating your room. You can build a mezzanine. That will then free up some space for your office.

Loft-style bedrooms have this certain character. And if you know how to design and decorate your room, you will have a private place that is not only comfortable but also attractive. You will have more reasons to love your home sweet home, be it a small or big house. Unleash your creativity decorating your lofted bedroom!


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