16 Modern & Exquisite Basement Design Ideas

The basement is usually the most neglected part of a home. If it is not left unused, it is made into a storeroom. With the following design ideas, you can transform your basement into a more relevant part of your home.


During this pandemic, it is imperative to find ways to get entertained other than going out to crowded entertainment venues. Transforming your spacious basement into a place where all your entertainment activities are held is an excellent idea. This modern basement idea will surely delight family and friends.


So you think you do not have an appropriate room for your girlfriends? This basement design will surely be a perfect place for a tete-a-tete with some of them. It has a girly feel that anyone from the female species would truly love.

Black and White

This crisp and contemporary basement design will be a great help to enjoy bonding with your family while watching TV or DVD. Move the TV out of your living room and make a movie and TV room out of your basement. This way, your living room will always be ready for guests.

Crafty Nooks

Consider your kids when remodeling your basement. They may have outgrown their playroom. Transform the basement into an entertainment and play station room for your kids that will match their age. With this basement design, it will not be hard to let your children stay at home because it is so appealing for kids.

Office Space

Don’t know where to put your home office? Transform your basement into your very own office space. You can have it all to yourself so you can work productively.


Sometimes, we get all too stressed out from work or other reasons. Can your bedroom provide you with the relaxation you all so wanted ASAP? Probably not. Transform your basement with this design idea, and you will be relaxed.

Books and Music

Are you a bookworm with countless books in your collection? This basement design idea is perfect for you. And besides your bookshelves and comfy furniture, while reading, you can listen to your favorite music at the same time.


Not only will your children love this. You will also find it useful going down the stairs when it will soon be uncomfortable to do because of aging. Aside from the slide which can take you from upstairs to your basement, this design is simply spectacular.

Media Room

Level up your home entertainment with this sleek basement design. Watching movies will soon become a family favorite pastime with this modern media room in the comforts of your home.


This modern basement design will truly delight you with its electric furnace. This means you can keep yourself warm any time of the year in a beautiful spot in your home.


The use of bold colors of this basement design will not let you feel you are in a basement. Its vibrant atmosphere will surely drive away all that’s bothering you. It’s impossible not to feel energized upon entering your basement.

Home Gym

Transforming your basement into your fitness gym can be the best thing to do this pandemic. Aside from getting your regular dose of exercise, you can also practice social distancing. The floor of this modern basement design is a sure winner.

Bowling Room

You may need to travel to your favorite bowling alley. You also have to spend much if you have a large group. With a bowling alley in your basement, you can have all the time to play. Indeed, this is one basement design that is just so amazing.

Man Cave

This basement design is a perfect getaway for the man in the house. With its black and gray shade and furnished with a wine bar and movie set, your basement is a great way to escape from your noisy children and nagging wife.

Ping Pong Room

Don’t’ mistake the structure at the center of this design as a basement island. It is a ping pong table. The hardwood floor will remind you of gym floors. It is so smooth that you can slide and slide and slide.


This is a basement design that is perfect for minimalism enthusiasts. The walls and ceiling have a shade of white that makes the whole area feel so spacious. A few couches, coffee tables, a TV screen, and artwork completes this contemporary basement design.

Basement remodeling can be an expensive endeavor. It may be very inconvenient too. But when the remodeling is finished, you will surely say to yourself that it was a wise decision.

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