Best Ways To Organize A Small Closet

Invest in a Clothing Rack

If your closet is already full and there are still a few things that you need to hang, then a clothing rack would be the best solution. Yes, this will expose your hanging clothes, but this will definitely encourage you to arrange them neatly. 🙂

Store a Few Items Underneath

Once you are done hanging and folding your clothes, take a closer look at your closet. There may still be some space underneath the hanging clothes. You can utilize that to store some accessories like hats or even bags.

Make Use of Boxes

Most of the time, small and loose items are really difficult to organize in a closet. So instead of leaving them lying around, store them in boxes. This should make it easier for you to arrange things inside your cabinet. Plus, it would also look better, especially if you utilize uniform boxes. Wicker baskets would be great, too. You also have the option to label them so it would be easier to locate the things that you need later on.

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