Best Ways To Style Your Kitchen Countertops

Show Off an Assortment of Oil and Vinegar

Do you have a collection of oils or perhaps different types of vinegar that you usually utilize when cooking? If so, those can serve as decor for your countertops, too. Arrange them nicely without taking up all the space. That’s another way to create a focal point in your kitchen.

Put Various Beans in Uniform Jars

Is your pantry full? No place to put those colorful beans? One thing that you can do is to put them in the same type of jars and just line them up on your countertop. You can then easily get into them when needed. Plus, their colors would definitely attract attention to the counter.

Accentuate a Minimalist Countertop With Wooden Accessories

Tired of looking at an empty minimalist countertop? Wooden accessories, such as chopping boards as well as a knife holder would serve as excellent decor. That would balance the look of a modern countertop, giving it a cozy and warm appearance.

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