Choosing A Coffee Station For Your Kitchen

Countertop With Backsplash

Now if you have more available space on your countertop with backsplash, it would be great to position your colored coffee maker and other essentials on that spot. You may opt to purchase disposable coffee cups, too, so you can simply grab one before you leave for work in the morning.

Everything on a Unique Tray

To keep your counter neat and organized, opt to put all your coffee essentials on a tray. But it would be good if you look for a very unique tray like the one in the image below. It goes well with the finish of the countertop. You can add greenery, too, to make the spot look cozier and friendlier.

Near the Outlets

Obviously, if you have a coffee maker, you have to choose a spot for your coffee station that is close to the outlets so you can easily plug the equipment. If that is near the sink, that would be better as that will allow you to dispose of wrappers or any trash that you may have when making coffee.

Do you have a wooden countertop? Invest in canisters with a touch of wood, too, to achieve uniformity.

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