Choosing A Coffee Station For Your Kitchen

Against the Wall With Matching Colors

Backsplash makes any kitchen look more attractive. It adds personality. So to emphasize that spot, create your coffee station by positioning the canisters and other equipment against the backsplash. Look at those containers matching the colors of the background. They are gorgeous, aren’t they?

By the Window

A hot cup of aromatic coffee is good in the morning. But you know what else can make your day a lot better? Taking a sip of your coffee while watching a great view from your window? So, yes, if there are windows in your kitchen, it would be a good idea to create your “coffee bar” on that corner. You can open them when you get up in the morning and breathe fresh air. That would be fantastic!

A Separate Corner

Doesn’t have enough room on your countertop? Do you have a freestanding cabinet? As long as it has enough surface area, that could serve as your coffee station. Now if you happen to have a chalkboard wall, that would even be better because you can push the furniture against that and perhaps write menus or anything about coffee on the board.

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