Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Home

  • Bedroom

As a personal space, the bedroom should have some kind of warm lighting. In general, the best to use is task lighting, such as a lamp on your bedside table. Scones work great in enhancing the ambiance. And if you want to emphasize some displays in your bedroom, opt for attractive accent lighting.

Furthermore, pendant lights would give your sanctuary a sleek or modern look.

  • Bathroom

The bathroom requires adequate lighting so you will be able to perform various tasks. Your mirror, for instance, should be well-lit, so choose a nice-looking task lighting.

This area should also have accent lighting, which allows you to light it evenly. You may also opt for dimmer lights that you can utilize in the morning, especially when you are just waking up.

  • Entrances and Stairs

Most of the time, these areas have the least number of decor. Consider installing a general light with a statement design. Layering up would work just fine, too.

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