Clever Ways To Fake High-End Looks

Use Subway Tiles

Subway tiles look trendy and “spendy”. But if you look at the price tag, you’d realize that they are actually budget-friendly, but very charming. You can run them on an entire wall or up onto the ceiling. Or, you can match them with a more decadent decorative tile. One thing that you should remember though is to install them correctly so they won’t look shoddy and cheap.

Incorporate Fur

Fur has always been associated with being classy and stylish, so why not take advantage of that when it comes to decorating your home? As simple as buying fur throw pillow covers will do the trick. Well, I’m not talking about the real fur, but those that you can get from thrift stores.

Add Touches of Gold

When you see gold, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Wealth. Am I right? Adding a touch of gold to your home decor is another trick to making your place look high-end. It could be a gold-lined vase, picture frame, and many more. It’s an exciting DIY project that you can do.

Making your home look extravagant doesn’t literally mean that you have to splurge on items the way celebrities and millionaires do. Using the tips above, your home would look surprisingly expensive, while you are actually saving money. All you need is clever ideas and creativity.

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