Firepits To Enhance The Overall Look Of Your Backyard

It is always good to spend some time outdoors, hanging out with your friends and family members, playing some games, having a little barbecue party, or even as simple as reading your favorite book while getting some fresh air right in your own backyard. It would be a plus, though, if your yard is well-maintained and it comes with some attractive elements.

Aside from plants and outdoor furniture, a fire pit would be a great component of your landscaping. In fact, it could be the focal point. Trust me, having one in your backyard would definitely enhance the overall look of your property. But, of course, you have to choose one that suits the design that you are trying to attain.

Let us take a look at some excellent fire pit ideas.

Glass Instead of Gravel

Looking at upscale establishments like hotels and restaurants, a lot of them are now using fire glass instead of gravel or firewoods in their fire pits. I don’t blame them, because fire glass, indeed, supports modern luxury decor. And, you, too, can have this right in your backyard.

Put that modern-looking fire pit with fire glass in the middle of a comfortable sitting area with a bunch of accent pillows. Try the combination of white, black, and gray if you want to have a minimalist look.

Using fire glass makes it much easier for you to clean your fire pit. It is also efficient and long-lasting. Plus, it is an eco-friendly solution. Most importantly, its luxurious look will certainly make your yard more appealing than ever.


Natural Stone Fire Pit

Do you have a mountain backyard? If you do, then a natural stone fire pit would be your best bet, especially if your home is made with the same type of material. And when it comes to the outdoor furniture, opt for Teak wood chairs, which would add a more natural look to your yard. This right here is an instant rustic style. Although this square fire pit requires some planning and hard work, at the end of the day, it’s going to be worth it!


Mix and Match Stones

When decorating your backyard and adding some elements to it, you really don’t have to observe uniformity all throughout. In the image below, you can see the outcome of mixing and matching stones. It looks fantastic!

If you have some natural stones lying around as well as some unused tiles and masonry bricks, put them together and create a customized fire pit. You can utilize those materials for the sitting area, too. Once done, toss some pillows with different colors and designs to complete the look.


Cozy Round Fire Pit

This fire pit is quite easy to put together. It utilizes firewood, so it gives that cozy atmosphere. Now, if you are building this within your garden, then it would be great to match the fire pit with wooden benches painted in dark green or blue. Look at the image very carefully, the colors of the benches, as well as the throw pillows, actually mimic that of the plants and flowers around. It’s a really cool idea that you can certainly copy!


Gravel Fire Pit

If you living in the countryside or perhaps you are trying to create a farmhouse, you might want to consider this traditional fire pit idea, which is easy to pull off. It uses gravel and the fire pit itself is in the ground. For this, you need to have huge rocks. And then, build some cozy chairs painted in white and position them around the fire pit. This would be a perfect hang out place at night while you and your family members tell stories or simply watch the stars.


Brick and Concrete

Imagine yourself and your loved ones sitting around this outdoor fire pit during chilly winter months. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this in your yard? It’s actually a combination of brick and concrete. Gorgeous, right? It could be the focal point of your garden!


Accentuated With Lights

This right here is another fire pit made with different types of materials. But what makes it really stunning is those lights installed on the sitting area. Imagine how wonderful this place looks like at nighttime even if the fire pit is not yet lit up.


Firepits come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and styles. But one thing is for sure, having one in your yard would certainly enhance the overall look of your property. This is also a sure way of boosting your home’s market value. It’s worth the investment!

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