How To Decorate Your Flooring With Patterned Wood

Random Pattern

Just like the straight pattern, this type involves boards that are parallel to each other. However, they come in different widths. Now, if you want a customized look, you are free to decide as to how narrow you want the boards to be.

The random pattern offers a more energetic look and feel. This is perfect for a rustic design. And again, you have the option to stain the wood so it will become more dramatic and attractive. Just look at the image below. Dark-stained boards are installed on the kitchen floor, following the random pattern. They create a homey atmosphere but elegant at the same time.

Basket Weave Pattern

Looking into taking your flooring to the next level? Do you want something with dimension? If so, then the basket weave pattern would be your best choice. With planks fitting under and over the others, this pattern mimics that of a woven basket. It could be made simple, but using various colors could make it elaborate and sophisticated-looking, too.

Herringbone Pattern

Simply put, the herringbone pattern is achieved by laying hardwood floor strips in a diagonal zigzag plan. This is a more complicated design, though, because you really have to be accurate with the measurements so you will be able to create an excellent pattern. At the end of the day, you’d have a flooring that offers an appearance of movement, while making the room look wider. Structural stability is another benefit that you can get from decorating your flooring with the Herringbone pattern.

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