How To Decorate Your Flooring With Patterned Wood

Surface Finishes

Once you are done installing the wood pattern that you want for your flooring, the next step is to apply some finishing touches. If you are doing the job yourself, you can utilize an oil sealer, which gives the wood a more natural look since it brings out the grain patterns.

Another popular surface finish is water-based polyurethane. This one here can give your flooring a better hardwood look and feel. And if it is applied multiple times, the signature wet look can be achieved.

The other finishing touches include hard-wax oil, acid-cured, and aluminum oxide.

Installing wood flooring provides a number of benefits. Aside from it is ecological, you can be sure that it is long-lasting as well. It is definitely cost-effective, and when it comes to beauty, it sure is a winner. With patterned wood flooring, there are endless possibilities. With as simple as restaining it, it can keep up with the new trends. It’s a timeless flooring design!

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