How To Incorporate Hidden Storage In Your Home

Slide-Out ‘Pantry’

No space to build a walk-in pantry? No worries, with just a few inches space next to your fridge, you can actually incorporate a wooden shelf that slides out. This would be a perfect place to hide those condiments that you do not want your little kids to have access to. As a friendly reminder, though, avoid storing canned goods in this spot. It would still be better to keep them on your regular cupboards.


Compartment Behind the Tiles

Your bathroom may be small, but there are a few things that you can do to add secret compartments to it. One of which is behind the tiles. Simply remove one or two tiles and create a little drawer. You can use this to hide just about anything. Just remember where exactly it’s at, though. As discreet as it is, you might even forget where it’s at!


Hidden Bathroom Cabinets

This one here is another hidden storage idea for the bathroom. It is always nice to add wall arts to this part of your home. But behind those majestic views could be hidden cabinets where you can store your medications and other bathroom essentials at.


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