How To Make Your Entranceway Pop On A Budget

An Industrial Chair

While there are so many types of chairs that you can move to the entryway, an industrial chair, on the other hand, like the one in the image is something that would definitely grab everyone’s attention. Let this unique piece of furniture greet your visitors!

Flowers and Houseplants

There is no doubt that flowers and houseplants have the ability to make any space pop, and that includes the entryway. These ornaments can transform a dull-looking room into something very appealing. That’s exactly what you need for the foyer.

Bright Wall Art

Does your entranceway have neutral colors? What you can do is to add some eye-catching colors, and one great way to do so is hanging a bright-colored wall art. Look at the image, the “art” is actually just a map but its color that matches the bench makes the spot stand out.

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