How To Make Your Entranceway Pop On A Budget

Huge Vintage Mirror

Now if you really want to make your entryway more interesting, add a huge vintage mirror that you can probably find at the local thrift store or even garage sales. No touch up needed. Display it as-is. That is a statement right there!

Tall Greenery

Not all of are blessed with a spacious entryway. So if yours is not that wide, you can still do things with it to make it more beautiful. Tall greenery neatly arranged in a glass jar would do the trick.

Wooden Accents

Neutral colors are elegant-looking, but sometimes they are not inviting. Is that what you have in your foyer? Do you want to achieve a cozy and friendly look? Add some wooden accents. And, no, this should not cost you too much because you can utilize plywoods, which are not expensive at all.

With DIY home decor and inexpensive materials, putting them together creatively will certainly give you amazing things that would make your entryway, pretty, warm-looking, and very welcoming.

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