How To Transform Old Couches To Look Brand New

Paint It

Surprised? Yes, you can actually paint the upholstery, especially if it is made of leather. If you are tired of the dark color of your couch, you have the option to paint it with something light or neutral. The possibilities are endless.

Fix Those Saggy Cushions

Let’s admit it, we all love to lay on the couch. But the weight actually makes the cushions saggy and flat. Sooner or later, the sofa would look ugly. But no worries, this can be fixed easily.

How do you fix saggy cushions? You can replace the foams or simply restuff them.

Replace the Cushions

If you have tried everything, and still your sofa doesn’t look like the way you want it to be, try replacing the cushions instead. This technique only applies, though, to couches whose cushions are removable. This won’t work for those with sewn-on cushions.

There are plenty of retailers out there that offer replacement cushions. You just have to know the exact measurements of your sofa. Plus, of course, you have to decide on the thickness, color, and design.

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