Inspiration For Transforming Your Old Dusty Basement

Put a Bar

If you love parties and entertaining, putting a bar in your basement would be a good idea. Once you have this, you no longer have to go to the bars and clubs and spend lots of money on cocktails and spirits. You can party at home!

For inspiration, try to achieve a bar with wooden accents like the one in the image below. You can also have some cabinets built so you will have more storage space.

Transform It Into a Guest Bedroom

Is your main living space not big enough to add a guest bedroom? Well, in this case, you may opt to create a guest bedroom in the basement instead. Believe me, it’s easier than you think. With the right combination of colors and designs, you can achieve a very impressive guest suite. You might even end up wanting it for yourself.

The picture below is ‘skater-inspired’. The black and white theme along with the patterns of the bedding is really appealing. You can also consider adding some greenery to increase the aesthetic value.

Pull Off a Botanical Living Room

Adding plants to any space in your home would surely make a huge difference. You can turn that dark and dusty basement into a botanical living room. This right here will impress everyone that sees it. Simply get some plants. You are free to have a mixture of natural and artificial greenery. You can also get throw pillows in different shades of green. Check out the example below.

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