Steps To Creating A Rustic Bathroom Look

Pick a Focal Point

When decorating, choosing a focal point is an essential step. Why? Because once you have identified one, you can then base the rest of the decorations on it. This makes it more manageable to come up with a rustic bathroom.

So what are the possible focal points? It could be that brick or stone wall. It could also be the ceiling with exposed wooden beams. Or, it could be the floor, too, which is made with rugged wood. Anything can be the focal point. It doesn’t have to be big either. It could be small items like a chandelier, pendant lamp, or even a mirror.

Balance the Rustic Features

So now that you are done choosing one or two focal points, it is time to balance the rustic features. Keep in mind that you don’t have to change all the decor in your bathroom. You are free to combine natural components with modern elements like metal.

Look at the image below. The bathroom looks modern but it is balanced with rustic features. The floor is made with resin, but the ceiling and the beams are wooden. Some walls are concrete while the others are natural stones. The countertop is modern-looking, but the washbasin is rustic. That deck chair right there also helps in balancing the features.

Incorporate More Colors

Colors and hues also play a major role in achieving a rustic bathroom look. We said earlier that this style consists of nature-inspired elements, which means more into neutral colors. But you really don’t have to stick to dull shades. Wood has darker colors and so do stones and bricks. You can then have a combination of light and dark materials.

Furthermore, you have to think of some shades that occur naturally. Dark brown, various shades of green, gray, white, and black are just some examples.

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