The Best Ways To Approach A Bedroom Makeover

Accent Pillow

Accent pillows are an incredible way of breathing new life to your private space. Instead of going for the traditional ones, opt for something with a unique shape, texture, or perhaps prints. Believe me, this is a single touch that could provide an entirely different look.

Rich Wall Color

Simply changing up the paint in your bedroom can cause a dramatic change. One good thing about this approach is that it doesn’t cost as much as when you buy new pieces of furniture or buying lots of displays.

Switching to a richer color can definitely help achieve a major facelift. This time, avoid neutral colors and go for something bolder.

Decorative Canopy

Aiming to achieve a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom? I’m sure you’ve seen those decorative canopies in the bedrooms of wealthy people in the movies. Mind you, those looks are not only for the elite. With inexpensive fabrics, you can create your own decorative canopy or bed curtains.

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