Transform Your Home Into A Farmhouse Decor Style

Incorporate Shiplap Walls

While you are working on the walls, you might as well install shiplap, too. Doing this will definitely add charm and subtle texture to any room, giving your place a modern farmhouse feel.

Shiplap is a wooden board that used to be utilized in the exterior siding of barns, sheds, as well as older homes. They run horizontally and they come with a rabbet groove that allows the boards to overlap and fit together. Aside from giving your home a farmhouse feel, this should also provide strong protection against the harsh weather.

Decorate With Barn Doors

While barn doors are usually “country”, they can be a great decor to achieve a farmhouse look, too. And the good news is that there are many things that you can do with a barn door. You can use one to separate a bathroom, bedroom, or even a closet. It can also be used to conceal your pantry if you wish to.

Add a Wooden Dining Set

When it comes to your dining table and chairs, the wooden ones are highly recommended. This addition would give your home a hint of farmhouse style instantly. Plus, this type of furniture is simple and affordable. No need to be fancy. Whatever interior you have, a wooden dining set would work really great. Classic and very charming!

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