Using Floating Shelves To Avoid Cluttering Your Home

Small Palette-Looking Floating Shelves

Create statement floating shelves by making something that looks like small palettes. Put them together on the wall, and you’d have an instant space to put some decorative bottles as well as tiny planters. This one here is really cute! It’s a perfect addition to any farmhouse or rustic room.

Modern Decorative Shelf

When using floating shelves to avoid clutter in your home, you really don’t have to stick to the traditional ones. If you want to achieve a modern look, try sleek shelves like the one that you can see in the picture. Isn’t it neat? You can also paint it with any color that you want so that it would be more attractive. It should be able to hold some books, picture frames, and other decorative pieces.

Dark Wood Hanging Shelf

Wooden hanging shelves are popular and they can complement just about any home style. Be it modern, classic, or farmhouse, they are an amazing addition. Plus, you can install a number of them on an empty wall so that you’d have more storage.

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