10 Affordable Ideas For Large Wall Decor

The thought of decorating a large wall may be overwhelming. It may seem expensive, too. But at the same time, you surely don’t want that huge blank space staring you in the face.

The truth is, there are plenty of ways in which you can decorate a wall. Well, of course, the best way is to think of an affordable large scale item that you can hang on the wall. You can even come up with something that you can make on your own so that you won’t have to spend much.

Don’t get intimidated, though. Here are affordable ideas for large wall decor:

White Cactus on a Black Wall

I’m sure you’ve already seen cacti wall stickers. And guess what? You can utilize them to transform that empty wall in your bedroom or living room into something more appealing. I highly suggest you use white cactus wall stickers on a black wall. You can also add real cactus displays in the room. Voila! Nice scenery!

Large Frames

Like what we have said above, the trick to decorating a huge wall is to look for large items that you can decorate with. Well, how about large frames? It could even be DIY frames. All you have to do is to put pieces of wood together and frame a canvas. Or, you can use the frames to display your favorite images as well.

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