Beautify Your Entrance Way With These Design Tips

The entrance is one of the most significant spaces in your home. People often like your home at the first glimpse of your entryway based on how you designed and organized things. Stepping into your home serves as an experience that is why it should be memorable.

“Do not judge a book by its cover”, cliché may it sound, but in most cases, it is fair to judge a home by just looking at the entrance. Beautifying your home doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but the first impression lasts. By looking at your door, you will easily find out that you belong and welcome. The home’s entryway is the first thing that visitors see when they tend to step inside your house, and it would be nice if they will feel that they are welcome because of how beautiful your entryway is.

What are you waiting for? Make your entryway a better one! Here are 7 of the favorite entrance design tips to make it look sophisticated and elegant. Take time to read.

Light Reflection

By using mirrors, it can open and allow the light to reflect from within. It opens up a dense space. This is one of the common problems with people. They then tighten up some home entrances and others can suffer from a lack of light. If you are redoing your entryway, try to consider bordering your doors into a glass to provide more light and it provides a more spacious environment.



Portraits, paints, and abstract artwork can add up interest to people who come to visit your home. Guests can feel that they are welcome each time they wanted to walk through the door. You can have some animal painting because guests will somehow make a conclusion that the animal portraits greet them and embrace them to feel like they are home. Just hang it in your entrance and it will make sense and look beautiful.

Use Daring Colors

Daring colors can catch everyone’s eyes. Your style should make your eyes hook up for a moment and wonder how you did it. Mostly, people use neutral colors to catch the eye of the beholder. However, it is your choice to decide a perfect color that you think can add up or attract the guests’ interest and makes your home more alive and powerful.

Fill Out the Negative Space

When we say negative space, it refers to the simple details or that awkward space in your entryway. Try to add something that will bring the perfect balance of the space. Set some small frames to have the color to complement other designs too. This is your choice, make your room more beautiful but do not forget the awkward spaces because they might ruin the overall decorations in your entryway.

Define the Space

If you are living in a house with a very open space, it would be a lot better to define your space. This simply means using mats and rugs that will allow the guests to have a clearer understanding of where the home’s entrance begins and ends. Utilize something that can make your entryway more meaningful. Try out some shelves or tables where you can put some accessories like car keys, bags, etc. In that sense, your visitors can directly stash their stuff and they will feel comfortable because they put it in a safer place.


Have a Seat

Remember that your entrance should serve as a way to welcome guests into your home. Make sure that it gives the right impression and helps your guests always feel comfortable. Most of the time, your visitors are exhausted and wanted to have a seat for a few minutes. Consider having some chairs in your entryway and put them in the right place. This also gives the visitors a convenient way to take a rest while removing their shoes or some things that they need to detach from themselves.

Keep It Simple But Elegant

Melanie Turner designed proof to see how important color combination is. Black-and-white marble entryway floors never go out of style. Remember to sort things out when it comes to color combinations. This might sound so overrated but it’s the reality. Entrance with proper and minimal but right accessories can create a better momentum in entering your home. Add some contemporary touch to make it more unique and aesthetic.

Get Up and Try Out These Tips

You might be wondering how to start decorating your entryway but you must not worry about this thing. With these helpful tips, your entrance would definitely allow your guests to be comfortable throughout the house tour. Always remember how important the space of the entrance is. It will show how accommodating your home and how beautiful it is inside. Hook their eyes in your entryway with these amazing tips right now!


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