Decor Ideas For Halloween In 2020 That You Should Try

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year again when kids and adults alike can enjoy trick-or-treating and, of course, partying. Aside from the creepiest and cutest costumes and food, you also have to think of unique things to decorate your home or office with.

Well, decorating for Halloween does not have to be expensive. You can certainly come up with impressive decorations that will surprise trick-or-treaters as well as party guests. From your porch to your walls and utensils, there are endless options when it comes to Halloween decor. Most of them can be pulled together by using affordable supplies or things that you already have laying around in your home.

Here are the best decor ideas for Halloween in 2020:

Pumpkins String Lights

This one here is a seasonal string light that you must have no matter what for Halloween. One good thing about this decor is that it does not require a plug. You just have to utilize batteries, and that allows you to conveniently and safely use it to decorate your yard.

There are many things that you can do with pumpkins string lights. Hang them on the trees, walls, railings, or you can simply put them next to your jack-o’-lantern. You can buy them from Amazon and other decor stores.

Cocktail With Witches Head

Turn your beer or wine bottles into a Halloween decor by simply attaching a cut-out witch head close to the tip of the straw. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, go for DIY black witch hats. Punch a hole in the center and slide a straw in each.


Jack-o-lanterns are the most popular Halloween decor. You can buy plastic ones from the store, or you can make a real one as well. The lanterns that are available in the stores come in all sorts of sizes and designs. Some are simple, while others even come with lights. So it’s up to you which ones suit your theme the best.

With just a few items required, you can actually carve your own jack-o’-lantern. Simply cut out the stem, scoop out the pumpkin, sketch the face, carve the pumpkin, and put a candle inside. You can decorate your lawn and all corners of your home with this DIY lantern if you wish to.

Confetti and Huge Toy Spiders

To brighten up your table setting, come up with a spooky centerpiece. A bowl of Halloween confetti with huge toy spiders would be excellent. With leftover paper scraps, you can pull this off easily!

Look for blue, black, orange, and red stock papers. Decide on which shape you want your confetti to be and cut them out. Put them in a clear glass bowl and put a few toy spiders in it. You can spread confetti everywhere!

Skull Bowl With Flowers

Do you have an eye for arts and design? You can hand paint your wine glasses and create a creepy display. Think about the scariest-looking skull and start designing the glasses. Once done, put some artificial or fresh flowers in each of them. If you opt for fake ones, I highly suggest dark-colored, dead-looking flowers. They will definitely help achieve a creepy atmosphere.

Halloween Balloons

Just like any parties, you can also decorate your home with some Halloween balloons. You can conveniently buy them from offline or online stores. Hang some of them while let others lay loose on the floor. You’d have so much fun filling those balloons with air! 🙂

Halloween Banners

Banners are another traditional Halloween decor, and they come in all sorts, too. Make your office look livelier for Halloween by simply hanging some black or ghost banners. You can even have a ‘mummy’ display next to your computer.

Black Toy Spiders on Web

Spiders and webs bring in creepiness, so you should include these items to your Halloween decor. Again, you can go to Amazon, Etsy, and other online stores to order these decorations. Choose sections of your home to decorate. Fill them up with webs and randomly put spiders on them.

Spooky Witch Potions

With mason jars and bottles, you can create spooky-looking witch potions using various dyes or food coloring, water, glue, and some stuff in your kitchen like flour. In fact, you can put anything you want in the jars. As long as it looks ‘eewy’, it’s in for Halloween! 🙂

Skull With Wreath of Flowers

For this Halloween decor, you may opt to buy a plastic skull. Or, if you have the luxury of time, you can also make your own by using newspapers and paint. Once you are done making a skull, create a wreath of flowers and use it to decorate the skull with. Again, I highly suggest for you to utilize withered flowers as they look creepier.

So there you go with 10 decor ideas in 2020. Get creative and make this year’s Halloween party spookier than ever!

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