How To Incorporate Hidden Storage In Your Home

Storage is the key to keeping your place organized and clutter-free. But looking at your home, do you see your closets, cabinets, and cupboards getting full with your stuff? This is going to be a real challenge, especially if you are living in a small apartment. But regardless if you have a huge home or a tiny place, there are ‘dead zones’ that you simply don’t notice. And guess what? You could use those to incorporate hidden storage in your home to avoid clutter or simply get your precious and most valuable possessions out of sight.

Take a look at these ideas:

Mid-Century Side Table With Storage

Side tables are excellent home decor be it for the living room or your bedroom. You can put anything on them. Aside from the top, you can add more storage to it by using a cake pan to hold the top part. It would be the perfect place to keep the remote control for the TV and other little things that you want to tuck away but you still want to easily access them. Look at the picture below. Clever idea, right? Plus, with its mid-century style, it can add more appeal to the interior of your home.


Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

This one here looks like a regular electrical outlet. But really, it’s a hidden outlet wall safe where you can keep cash or jewelry in. At first sight, nobody would ever think that there’s something hidden in there! You can conveniently purchase this item from various stores like Amazon.


Slide-Out ‘Pantry’

No space to build a walk-in pantry? No worries, with just a few inches space next to your fridge, you can actually incorporate a wooden shelf that slides out. This would be a perfect place to hide those condiments that you do not want your little kids to have access to. As a friendly reminder, though, avoid storing canned goods in this spot. It would still be better to keep them on your regular cupboards.


Compartment Behind the Tiles

Your bathroom may be small, but there are a few things that you can do to add secret compartments to it. One of which is behind the tiles. Simply remove one or two tiles and create a little drawer. You can use this to hide just about anything. Just remember where exactly it’s at, though. As discreet as it is, you might even forget where it’s at!


Hidden Bathroom Cabinets

This one here is another hidden storage idea for the bathroom. It is always nice to add wall arts to this part of your home. But behind those majestic views could be hidden cabinets where you can store your medications and other bathroom essentials at.


Coffee Table a.k.a. ‘Small TV Keeper’

Coffee tables are versatile, and, of course, they can also serve as storage solutions. Looking at the picture below, you would think that it’s just a regular coffee table with drawers. The bottom shelf can be used to store anything.


But really, this piece of furniture is more than just a simple coffee table. It can also keep your small flat TV. It’s amazing!


If you are diligent, you can find things like this at the thrift stores. Or, you also have the option to have one custom built. Works really great if you are living in an apartment.

Chair With a Hidden Compartment

Chairs like the one below are excellent for your home office or study area. You can even use it with your vanity set.


But then again, with a little creativity, you can turn a normal chair into an incredible storage solution. Look at this:


You can utilize that spot to keep other beauty products. Or, if you intend to utilize it for your study room, you can keep important documents, your favorite books, or even craft materials in it.

Bath Panel With Cupboard

Although bathrooms can be built with cabinets, sometimes, working on a limited space hinders you from adding more storage solutions. Not if you are creative enough, though. You can actually consider installing a bath panel with cupboard where you can keep your stash of shampoo, cleaning materials, and other bathroom essentials. Hiding these things will free up your sink counter, giving you more space to move around.


When trying to add hidden storage in your home, you just have to pay more attention to the different sections. Be it behind the wall, under the bed, within a piece of furniture, or even beneath the floor, you’d be surprised at how much secret compartments you can incorporate.

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