How To Make Your Entranceway Pop On A Budget

Next to your lawn or porch, the entryway is one of the very first things that people see when they come over to your home. It is then essential that you decorate it and make it as attractive as possible so you can achieve that warm and welcoming atmosphere.

How much does it cost to decorate an entranceway? Believe it or not, making this section of your home pretty may not even cost you money. Take a look around you. There may be things that you already have that you can move to the foyer be it a piece of furniture, mirror, houseplants, or any decorative items. You can even take on some DIY projects. And if you have to buy some materials, it’s nowhere near breaking the bank.

So, yes, go ahead and make your entryway pop and impress anyone who walks through that front door by following these awesome ideas:

Colorful Foot Rug and Rainboot Vase

Mats come in all sorts of colors and designs, so take advantage of this home essential to decorate the foyer. Opt for a friendly-looking and colorful foot rug and match it with a rainboot vase filled with flowers in season. That would be a pretty sight right at the doorstep!

DIY Welcome Sign

This piece of decor for the foyer is one thing that you can make on your own although there are plenty of them out there that are for sale. With a piece of wooden board and some craft materials, you should be able to create one with no problem. This will give your entryway a more unique, artistic look, especially if you are aiming to attain a rustic or farmhouse appearance.

Black Hooks on Distressed Wood

It is essential that you have a place in your entranceway where you, as well as your guests, could hang their hats or coats on. Now if the style of your home is rustic or farmhouse, this would be an awesome addition. Look at those big black hooks on a wall made with distressed wood. They look lovely!

Matching Console Table and Mirror

Did you know that you can also take advantage of your entryway’s space to add some storage solutions without compromising the overall look? Consider a matching console table and mirror with a dark wood finish. Now all you got to do is perhaps add a vase with flowers or potted plants and your foyer would be complete.

An Industrial Chair

While there are so many types of chairs that you can move to the entryway, an industrial chair, on the other hand, like the one in the image is something that would definitely grab everyone’s attention. Let this unique piece of furniture greet your visitors!

Flowers and Houseplants

There is no doubt that flowers and houseplants have the ability to make any space pop, and that includes the entryway. These ornaments can transform a dull-looking room into something very appealing. That’s exactly what you need for the foyer.

Bright Wall Art

Does your entranceway have neutral colors? What you can do is to add some eye-catching colors, and one great way to do so is hanging a bright-colored wall art. Look at the image, the “art” is actually just a map but its color that matches the bench makes the spot stand out.

Huge Vintage Mirror

Now if you really want to make your entryway more interesting, add a huge vintage mirror that you can probably find at the local thrift store or even garage sales. No touch up needed. Display it as-is. That is a statement right there!

Tall Greenery

Not all of are blessed with a spacious entryway. So if yours is not that wide, you can still do things with it to make it more beautiful. Tall greenery neatly arranged in a glass jar would do the trick.

Wooden Accents

Neutral colors are elegant-looking, but sometimes they are not inviting. Is that what you have in your foyer? Do you want to achieve a cozy and friendly look? Add some wooden accents. And, no, this should not cost you too much because you can utilize plywoods, which are not expensive at all.

With DIY home decor and inexpensive materials, putting them together creatively will certainly give you amazing things that would make your entryway, pretty, warm-looking, and very welcoming.

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