Inspiration For Transforming Your Old Dusty Basement

Basements are built for a reason, but they get neglected most of the time. They tend to become the storage place for boxes full of unwanted stuff. Or worse, they are left as unused dungeons accumulating dust and becoming the breeding ground for who knows what.

Have you actually ever thought of transforming your basement into a living space? Did you know that doing so can also help boost the overall value of your home?

Well, it’s not too late to turn this section of your home into something useful and stylish. To inspire you, here are excellent ideas as to what you can do to your basement:

Improve the Staircase

Before you do anything to your basement, you have to try to improve the staircase first. In some cases, the stairs going to the basement is constructed differently from the rest of your house. It may be concrete or hardwood. But do not be discouraged. As simple as polishing the steps will do the trick. You can even paint them if you wish to.

Turn It Into a Home Office

It looks like working from home is now part of the new normal. While it comes with a number of benefits, it also has its cons and one which is distractions. It would be hard to concentrate on your work if there are little kids running around.

Turning your basement into a home office would be great. Look at this Memphis style work area in the basement. This type of design involves a plethora of bizarre creations, bright or pastel colors, as well as geometric shapes and bold patterns.

Put a Bar

If you love parties and entertaining, putting a bar in your basement would be a good idea. Once you have this, you no longer have to go to the bars and clubs and spend lots of money on cocktails and spirits. You can party at home!

For inspiration, try to achieve a bar with wooden accents like the one in the image below. You can also have some cabinets built so you will have more storage space.

Transform It Into a Guest Bedroom

Is your main living space not big enough to add a guest bedroom? Well, in this case, you may opt to create a guest bedroom in the basement instead. Believe me, it’s easier than you think. With the right combination of colors and designs, you can achieve a very impressive guest suite. You might even end up wanting it for yourself.

The picture below is ‘skater-inspired’. The black and white theme along with the patterns of the bedding is really appealing. You can also consider adding some greenery to increase the aesthetic value.

Pull Off a Botanical Living Room

Adding plants to any space in your home would surely make a huge difference. You can turn that dark and dusty basement into a botanical living room. This right here will impress everyone that sees it. Simply get some plants. You are free to have a mixture of natural and artificial greenery. You can also get throw pillows in different shades of green. Check out the example below.

Make a Basement Billiard Room

Do you love playing billiards, but you don’t have enough space in your main living space for it? Put it in the basement and create a dedicated game room. Install some lighting as well as a cooling system. And to complete the room, add a sound system and a television. This would be a perfect hangout place for you and your friends.

Come Up With a Fun and Colorful Child Playroom

Nowadays, a lot of kids prefer staying indoors. And so, if you have little children at home, allow them to have more fun in the comfort of your home by creating a fun and colorful basement playroom. Make sure, though, that it is properly insulated and ventilated. Afterwhich, pick a color. It could be a single pastel color or a combination of bright colors. Gather all the toys and neatly arrange them in the basement.

Make It a Dedicated Study Area

Just like working from home, distance learning is now the norm. So instead of allowing your basement to collect dust and get infested with pests, clean it up and make it a dedicated study area. Look at the image of a candid style retro study room below. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s all about picking the right furniture, lighting, and colors.

Laundry Room

The basement is also an incredible place to create a laundry room, and you can easily put things together so you will end up with a neat space. With this, it is essential that you create storage solutions. Cabinets or closets are a must. You might want to add some plants as well to give the room a fresher look.

Art Room

If you are into arts, you can have the basement as your art room. You can paint and showcase all your completed work. This could be an extension of your living room where you can entertain your guests while appreciating your arts.

The basement should not be an isolated place. You can definitely transform it into something functional. From the ideas above, pick what you need and go from there.

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