Steps To Creating A Rustic Bathroom Look

When it comes to remodeling or decorating, many homeowners tend to focus on their yard, living room, kitchen, and bedroom, leaving the bathroom somewhat neglected. While it is true that this part of a house is usually not as cozy-looking as the other sections, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that you can do to make your bathroom charming. It’s all about the design! In fact, you don’t need to renovate your entire bathroom to give it a new look. There are plenty of things that you can add to it so you can achieve the theme that you want for it.

These days, the rustic style is gaining more and more popularity, and this is something that you can consider for your bathroom. Since it is consists of nature-inspired materials, you can expect a unique, cozy, and attractive look.

Here are simple steps to creating a rustic bathroom look:

Use Natural Wood

Rustic design will never be complete without wood accents. So take a look at the walls, ceilings, and flooring. To attain a real rustic look, it would be great if you replace these parts of the room with wood. It is also highly recommended that you preserve the natural look of the material. Most of the time, the rugged-looking ones are the most appealing.

Embrace Stone Walls

Like what we have said, natural elements are what make up any rustic design. So to add texture to your bathroom, consider stone walls. They would look really good with exposed wooden beams. This combination is a winner in the rustic world!

Another great option is incorporating bricks into your bathroom. The entire room doesn’t need to be made with bricks. Maybe you can have one brick wall. If you are working on a limited budget, you can even make use of a brick wallpaper. This should give your space more grit and texture.

Pick a Focal Point

When decorating, choosing a focal point is an essential step. Why? Because once you have identified one, you can then base the rest of the decorations on it. This makes it more manageable to come up with a rustic bathroom.

So what are the possible focal points? It could be that brick or stone wall. It could also be the ceiling with exposed wooden beams. Or, it could be the floor, too, which is made with rugged wood. Anything can be the focal point. It doesn’t have to be big either. It could be small items like a chandelier, pendant lamp, or even a mirror.

Balance the Rustic Features

So now that you are done choosing one or two focal points, it is time to balance the rustic features. Keep in mind that you don’t have to change all the decor in your bathroom. You are free to combine natural components with modern elements like metal.

Look at the image below. The bathroom looks modern but it is balanced with rustic features. The floor is made with resin, but the ceiling and the beams are wooden. Some walls are concrete while the others are natural stones. The countertop is modern-looking, but the washbasin is rustic. That deck chair right there also helps in balancing the features.

Incorporate More Colors

Colors and hues also play a major role in achieving a rustic bathroom look. We said earlier that this style consists of nature-inspired elements, which means more into neutral colors. But you really don’t have to stick to dull shades. Wood has darker colors and so do stones and bricks. You can then have a combination of light and dark materials.

Furthermore, you have to think of some shades that occur naturally. Dark brown, various shades of green, gray, white, and black are just some examples.

Add Rustic Accessories

If you are not doing a full-on renovation, the best thing that you can do is to add more rustic accessories. From the curtains or drapes to the decorative signs and soap holders, there are hundreds of items that you can add to your bathroom to give it a charming rustic look.

Bring in Some Vintage Details

Vintage details are also perfect for creating a rustic vibe. So the next time you browse the thrift store, watch out for antique-looking items like mirrors, picture frames, etc.

A rustic bathroom is a cozy space where you can enjoy your bath or shower much more. It creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. When trying to achieve this style for your bathroom, you have the option to go for a complete makeover. Or, you can also simply add a few rustic accessories.

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