The Chicest Home Decor Ideas That Pop

There are so many reasons to spend money, time, and effort in decorating our homes. Doing so proves our ownership of the space we live in and imparting our personality in it can give us so much satisfaction. But sometimes, we may not have an idea what we really wanted. When decided to change the present setup of your home’s interior, it is not a bad idea to check on the present trends and learn about the chicest home décors that chill you.

Here are some suggestions that you might want to incorporate into your home décor:

Start Treating the Windows Right

Perfect window treatment can give an instant transformation to your home’s interior. Will it be bright-colored drapes or will it be floral curtains? Blinds have their benefits but may not give you more options because of their monochromatic qualities. While for drapes and curtains, you have many options. Think of contrast and balance when choosing the right material.

Accent With Some Vintage Stuff

Vintage items can easily stand out in a modern home. But do not overdo it. Having more than enough of them can make your home look like a museum. Select one or two pieces of elegant-looking vintage furniture and your living room will have a classy feel. The same is true with your kitchen. Display some old chinaware. Creating contrasts will prevent a boring ambiance in your home.

Choose a Nature-Themed Wallpaper

Nature-themed wallpaper in your living room’s main wall will always be instagrammable. The greens will surely bring freshness to your home. You can also go for a floral design for a more colorful effect. Do not overdo it by applying the same wallpaper on all walls of your home or it can be so overwhelming. It can be sickening. If you plan to apply wallpapers on all your walls, choose plain or minimally-printed wallpapers on most of your walls.

Go Beyond White

White-painted interiors will always be here to stay. White radiates cleanliness and you may have an easier time adorning it. But do not be afraid to explore other colors. How about a navy blue backdrop? Or painted cabinet doors? You can also paint your ceiling with another shade. Different colors can make a room more vibrant. You can also try colorful throw pillows on your sofa.

Ceramics Never Get Out-of-Fashion

Whether they are printed or all-white, beautifully-crafted ceramics are beautiful sights when displayed. They come in different shapes and sizes too. You can also go for patinas, terracotta, and earthenware. They can give an old and traditional feel. They can go well with a piece of vintage furniture or an old storage box.

Enhance With Cozy Fabrics

When traveling and you are looking for some decorative stuff as a souvenir, going for cozy fabrics produced in that area can be one of the best things to do. It is easiest to transform your home with elegant fabrics. If you travel around the globe, you can theme your decor per country. You can also shop for these fabrics in some online stores or land-based boutiques.

Adorn With Real Plants

Choose indoor plants that can at least last for a week. Shop for beautiful pots like ceramics or earthenware. They can easily liven up your home. They radiate freshness and calm. With beautiful pots, a well-placed indoor plant can be the right accent your home has been missing since day one.

Make a Dream Bed

The bedroom should never be left behind when doing decorations in your home. After all, we spend more time there. A cozy bed with matching well-designed bedsheets, blankets, and pillow covers may not be enough to enhance your bedroom’s aesthetics. Why not transform your bed into a canopy bed? You have more options to decorate your bedroom in this case. You can stay away from heavy fabrics and go for light and colorful fabrics instead.


Bookshelves Need Not Be Boring

If you have a bookshelf that has an imposing presence in your living room, do not finish off with your decorating chores by not sprucing up this somewhat boring structure. You can let it be repainted to let it have look new. You can go for black, white or wood color depending on what you want. Check on the books displayed and rearrange them. You can place some decorative stuff for accent.

When giving a new look to the interior of our home, never leave one untouched. To some, they may only concentrate on the living room because that is the area where they entertain their guests. Doing so may not give the best satisfaction.

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