Vintage & Retro Home Decor Designs to Revisit

It’s not only the people, the surroundings, and the earth itself that is changing and adjusting to adapt to the new things- but the style and trends as well. People’s sense of fashion and style is evolving from time to time- and so are the “home trends”. It only means that all the old-fashioned home decor that is once popular has become mundane to some.

 Apparently, the sense in style of people- no matter how drastic it is has changed. It will always and I mean always come back to the old times. Everything is revolving. Remember baggy jeans? It entered the mainstream in the early 1980s and died in 2003. In early 2010, skinny jeans are the new trend but even those new trends have come to an end, and guess what, baggy jeans rose again in 2020!

 It only makes sense that what once a popular- no matter how long they have died from the mainstream, time will always come and they will become the trend again. The same is true when it comes to home decor or interior design. 

So in this article, prepare to feel nostalgic as we will show you your good old-time favorites because there’s nothing more fun than revisiting some vintage and retro home decor designs. You can choose some that you can probably incorporate into your home interior design. 

 Vintage-Inspired Wallpaper

Vintage-inspired wallpaper design made a huge comeback in 2020. These ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ’80’s wallpaper designs are very bold and colorful- the perfect definition of vintage and retro.

But despite the design, they can still make a good modern design as long as they are utilized well. Some of the best examples of vintage-inspired wallpapers are the Sinon and Triton accent designs, Malwin Anthracite Grey, Eurrisa Anthracite Grey, Ancasi blue, and Dana Turquoise Lustre.

Make your kitchen or your bathroom livelier with this wallpaper. They are available at Home Depot, Amazon, and eBay at a cheap price.

 Vintage Console TV Set

If you’re an antiquarian, you want to collect these vintage console TV sets. But the question is, are they worth buying? In all honesty, vintage televisions are very common even up to this modern era. If you want something older and unique then you want to consider a vintage console TV set and even sometimes they come with a record player.

But you have to keep in mind that these items are for display purposes only as they usually don’t work anymore due their age.

Faux-Fur and Sheepskin Rugs

Faux fur and sheepskin rugs are classic and timeless in designs. The fact that that they are very popular during the 1970s, they are so stylish and can compete still with all those modern rug designs.

If you want a cozy and warm environment in your home, these rugs can offer it to you. They are a must-have accessory especially to people who are a fan of these soft textures.

Hairpin Table Legs

Hairpin table legs are invented by Henry P. Glass in 1940. These aesthetic and minimalist-like designs table have very thin legs and although it looks flimsy, in reality, they are very sturdy. Modern tables are getting boring and common to this day. Beat this whole “new trend” with these hairpin table legs.

They are also ideal for small rooms and other spaces. Buy it on Amazon now!

Mid-Century Furniture

If you are going to ask an interior designer about the best furniture design, they will offer you midcentury furniture. This plain color design can adapt to any type of home design.

Its minimalist design is what embodies the “the lesser the better”. If you have bold accent home designs or overwhelming wallpapers, try to balance them by using this midcentury furniture.

Wood Paneling

Although it was popular during the mid-20th century, wood panel design is never out of style. In fact, most homes in today’s generation find this style with very retro vibes- which is the trend in 2020 and 2021.

You can use it in a modern style with slick geometry, light colors as well as creative styles. Now, should you go for wood paneling? Well if you like comfort, cozy and warm feel- wood paneling is for you.

Atomic-Style Armchair

This style didn’t die up until today. Many homes have at least one or more atomic-style armchairs. Fashionable, stylish, vintage, and retro vibes- you can never go wrong with it.

 It’s fun to relive and revisit your old home design favorites. What more if you choose it as your home decor style? The nostalgic feel will surely make you feel at home.


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