14 Best Ways to Redesign Your Living Room on a Budget

You must have done almost everything already in your living room. You must have slept there, ate there, drunk there (was it cola, coffee, or wine?), and bonded with your family and guests. Indeed, there are so many ways how we use our living room and thus, these are the same reasons we should redesign it from time to time.

Of course, redesigning the living room is not just buying new curtains and changing the seat covers. It’s more than that. To redesign the living room means that you are changing the atmosphere in this favorite part of your house. And the good thing is that you can do it with just a little budget.

Rearranging Is the Key

When redesigning your living room by rearranging furniture and fixtures, you will be investing more on effort than on your money. You may not actually need to spend here. So before rearranging, you have to picture the appearance of your living room after changing the position of the main characters. You may need some help here as the pieces of furniture can be very heavy. Now, change the curtain and seat cover, place a new flower arrangement on the center table, and you have a new look in your living room.


Accent With Potted Plants

If you do not have potted plants at home, you may have to buy them. Select plants that can thrive indoors for a longer time. If you want them to look even better, shop for nice-looking flower pots. Green plants can give a refreshing look to your living room.

Bring Out Hidden Gems

Inspect your storeroom, maybe you have hidden some decorative stuff over there. Or what about the old but elegantly designed small table in the basement? You can sand-clean it and varnish it to regain its old glory and place it as a side table where you can put a pot of flower. There can be so many things in your house that you can use to decorate your living room.

Hang Fabrics With Artwork on Walls

Maybe you can bring your family picture for the meantime to your reading area and replace them with wide fabrics that have elegant artwork on them. Maybe you have one or if not, you can find some cheap stuff in boutiques. You will see your living room brighten up with a tinge of warmth.

Open Up Cabinets

If you have cabinets with wooden doors, it’s about time to open them and replace those inside with decorative stuff. You can also change the wooden doors with glass doors. It will not only brighten up the room but it will also make it look wider.

Paint the Floor

To create a contrast, you can paint the floor with some cheap paint. This will surely highlight your decorations. If not, you can varnish it with any shade that is not the same as your sofa.

Adorn Walls With Removable Wallpaper

If you are thinking of redesigning soon, think of removable wallpaper. They have beautiful designs that can change the ambiance of your living room once they are posted. The next time you redesign, you can just peel them off and change them with different wallpaper.

Shop for New Sofa Pillows

This can be one of the easiest ways that can make an impact in your living room. You can shop for colorful cushions or you can make use of your old cushion, but you should figure out how to redesign them. Aside from making your sofa looks more expensive and prettier, cushions will make you more comfortable sitting on your sofa.

Arrange Rugs to Cover Undesirable Parts

Mix up your old rugs to add interest to your floor. Try to hide parts that were either stained from spills of coffee or wine. This will be a lot cheaper than installing a new carpet.

Upholster Old Furniture

No matter how you try to cover old and ready-to-give-way furniture with seat covers and all, it will still show its real form. Going for professional upholstery can help bring back its excellent form.

Change Characters of Your Gallery Wall

If your gallery wall has the same pictures since you move to your house, it’s about time to change them. If they are of sentimental value, transfer them to another place in your home. You can use them again when you redesign your living room.

Repaint Walls and Ceiling

The easiest way to let your living room redesigning project be felt is to repaint the walls and ceiling. There are cheap buckets of paints out there to choose from. What’s good is that you need not hire professionals. You can get an excellent result with the DIY method.

Refurbish an Old Storage Box

Do you have an old wooden storage box? You can let it be sand-cleaned and varnished to look attractive once again. You can use a storage box in so many ways. It is there to put your clutter or as an organizer for small items, magazines, and toys of your children.

Update Your Coffee Table

Although it may be a small figure, it remains to be the star of the whole living room. Never forget to update your center table when redesigning your living room. If you leave your coffee table unnoticed, you may never achieve the change in your living room that you aim for.

Giving your living room a fresh look does not necessarily mean you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can still achieve that pretty look on a budget.

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