Best Ways To Organize A Small Closet

Let’s face it. Not all of us are blessed with luxurious walk-in closets as the Hollywood stars have. But it’s funny that we don’t really notice how fast our stuff pile up over the years. This makes it quite challenging to keep our closets under control. For sure, at some point in time, you had a hard time looking for a pair of jeans or perhaps your favorite dress in that mess of clothes, shoes, and bags.

If you are living in an apartment or a house that comes with a tiny closet, I feel you. I know a closet stuffed to the brim with all sorts of clothing and other accessories could be an eyesore. But believe me, no matter what the size of your closet is, you’d be surprised to discover a lot more space as long as you know how to organize your wardrobe.

Here are the best ways to maximize your small closet and keep it under control:

Start Purging

The first step really is to take everything out of your closet and start going through each of your stuff. Do you have clothes that don’t fit you anymore? Or are there pieces that you no longer want? If so, then learn to let them go.

It would be good if you follow the one-year rule to purge items that you don’t need anymore. As you sort things out, try to group your clothes. Separate those that you use regularly from those that you utilize occasionally. Also, determine if there are things that you can donate. And lastly, identify the clothes or shoes that you simply need to throw away.

Learn How to Fold Your Clothes Properly

Knowing how to properly fold your clothes is a great way of saving space in your closet. Arrange your clothes according to their type. You can also pile them up according to color. This way, it would be much easier for you to find what you need later on. Plus, this will surely free up some serious space that you can utilize to organize your other stuff.

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