Closet Makeover Ideas For Inspiration

We all drool over those spacious, stylish, and luxurious walk-in closets that we see in the magazines and home improvement TV shows. While some people think that those are only for the elite and the most famous celebrities, that simply isn’t the case. Even the average people can actually have dreamy closets with just a little bit of creativity and lots of excellent organization ideas.

So if you are in the midst of building a new home, redecorating, or remodeling your existing one, it’s not yet too late to create an attractive closet. And if you already have one, regardless of the size, you can still make it look like a celebrity owns it.

Here are some closet makeover ideas that you can use as inspiration:

Accentuated With Lights in a Small Bedroom

This closet with all-glass sliding doors may not be as wide as other walk-in closets, but those lights, especially those two glass ball drop lights certainly make a huge difference. Plus, of course, how the clothes are folded and organized.

Having a small bedroom should not be the reason for you not to have an appealing wardrobe storage solution. As simple as adding some decorative and functional lights would do the trick.

Sleek and Neat With a Sink

The one in the image below is another example of a not-so-wide walk-in closet. But look at it, it is neat and it really looks modern because of its sleek design. And if you take a closer look, you would notice that there is a sink there, which makes it very convenient to wash your hands before you touch your prized possessions or simply remove your makeup when you get home from a party.

The closet is consists of different materials; concrete and wood with glossy flooring and recessed lighting. The combination is so fabulous!

White Closet With Bronze Hardware

White symbolizes peace, serenity, and cleanliness. So if you are aiming for that clean-look, you might as well have your wardrobe and drawers painted with white. But to add a little bit of color to it, pick bronze hardware. This would look really good with hardwood flooring.

Having a white closet also offers versatility. In case your preference changes after quite some time, you can easily alter the looks of your closet. Plus, this color can be matched with various elements. So even if you doesn’t change the color of your closet, you can definitely make changes on the walls, flooring, and other components of the room.

All-Wood With Accent Lights

Solid wood wardrobes have been an old-time favorite storage solution. They are timeless and they also last a long time. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. So regardless if you have a small or big bedroom, an all-wood closet would be nice. You also have the option to alter the color. You can go for light or dark shade. Or, you can keep the natural color of the material as well.

To give your all-wood closet a modern appearance, have some accent lights installed in every open compartment. But with this, you have to make sure that your clothes, shoes, and bags are organized. Otherwise, it would ruin the view of your closet.

White, Black, and Glass

This spacious closet is so pretty having a combination of white and black materials, not to mention the all-glass doors. This allows you to enjoy the view of your clothes. Now to better organize those little accessories that you have, opt for decorative storage boxes. You can utilize various shapes but it is highly recommended that you pick white or dark-colored boxes to match the color of the closet.

Walk-Through Closet With Pink Curtains

Instead of leaving the entrance of your walk-through closet bare, try installing long, pink curtains. This would accentuate the room especially if it comes with all-white walls, cabinets, and drawers. Of course, you have the freedom to change the color of the curtain according to your preference, but make sure that it jives with the overall color of the the room.

Black With Gray Highlights

Aiming for a minimalist look? This black open closet with gray highlights is stunning and it offers a lot of space. Hubby can have it all for himself or it could also be both for Mr. & Mrs.

Closets play a vital role in every bedroom as they provide storage solutions for your beloved clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Big or small, you can certainly make your wardrobe one of the focal points of the room by giving it a wonderful makeover.

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