12 Exterior Farmhouse Designs You’ll Absolutely Love

A farmhouse does not need to look like a farmhouse. If it does, you may not be thrilled to return to this great investment every time you are free from work or other commitments. An ideal farmhouse should always let you feel that you are always at home.

One way to keep a farmhouse exciting to visit again and again is upgrading its exterior. It’s not only that you will always be welcomed with a beautiful home, but this time, your farmhouse will also not look like an ugly photo bomber in your pictures that you share on your social media accounts.

Here are 12 exterior farmhouse ideas that can easily transform your property:

Warm Neutrals

Having a farmhouse in the desert means you will get a lot of sun. A farmhouse with a low-pitched gabled roof with flat tile will provide you that with its large glass windows. The gable bracket details board and batten siding of dark bricks, and striking red front door, make a perfect farmhouse in areas with a warm climate.

Large Filled Entry

One of the things why you want to go back again and again to your farmhouse is the view. With this design, you will be refreshed with an awesome view from the large glass windows. A white-painted brick house is complemented by whiteboard and batten siding to produce an elegant modern color scheme. When away from this farmhouse, you will surely miss sitting on the metal-roofed porch which has grand glass double doors.

Steep Contemporary Roof Pitches

This exterior farmhouse design will surely let you enjoy summer or winter. Its steep roof means you may not worry about the roof getting damaged during winter while you are away. It will also be cooler during summer. Accent this beautiful farmhouse design with dark windows to contrast the soft-colored stone and you will get a dramatic finish. With glass front doors, you will get a pretty amount of sunshine to light your farmhouse.

Painted Masonry and Timber Accents

This design uses a variety of materials that contributes to the visual depth of your farmhouse. It uses a white color scheme and white windows which gives a super clean appearance. Exposed tails at standing seam roofs and gable bracket details give accent. With barn style lights above the garage, your farmhouse is truly a delight day and night.

Vertical Entry Material and Courtyard Fencing

This has a modern farmhouse look with a combination of stucco, board and batten siding, and stone for an exquisite exterior. The farmhouse has a vertical entry structure and low courtyard fencing that enhances the eye-catching dark trim of this home.

Use of Warm Stone, Wood Doors, and Wood Shutters

By using natural materials such as wood on doors and shutters and warm stones, the exterior of a farmhouse can be highlighted dramatically. If you are a fan of rustic aesthetics, this can be the design for you.

Dark Craftsman Detailing

This low pitched gable roof farmhouse has a stunning exterior that combines board and batten striped tone and horizontal siding. With a white body, the dark trim creates a perfect contrast.

Traditional and Modern Transitional Blending

Don’t know which way to go, whether to choose a modern design or classic? You should look at designs that incorporate modern concepts into a traditional design. This design looks like an urban home with stucco, board and batten, and stone on the exterior. With a wide front entry with gorgeous cast stone detail, you will surely be proud owning this beautiful farmhouse.

Barn-Lighted Farmhouse

This two-floor farmhouse uses a monochromatic color scheme with standing metal seam shed roof accents with flat tile. With barn lamp sconces above the garage, you can have the feel of a barn house when it’s time to turn on the light at night.

The Modern Ranch House

Are you still infatuated with cowboys? Live in a ranch house. You can have a modern ranch farmhouse with a stunning board and batten and stucco exterior. With a full-width porch, this farmhouse is truly excellent for the adventurous spirit like you.

Warm Monochromatic Exterior

You will surely be proud to share your photos in this picture perfect farmhouse design. With roof metal accent and soft siding and stone color schemes. The exterior is undoubtedly elegant with its warm trim accents and dark windows.

Modern Farmhouse With Contrasting Exterior

This is a favorite of those who go for modern designs. Your farmhouse looks very welcoming with an elevated porch. Its dark windows make a perfect contrast to the white sidings making this two-floor farmhouse a sight to behold.

If you do not have a farmhouse design in mind, it would truly be overwhelming going over countless farmhouse options. But knowing what you want and preference, it will make things a bit easier.

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