17 Backyard Landscaping Ideas Design That Just Pop

A backyard is a space at the back of your house usually surrounded by fences or walls. This part of your house may sometimes add colors and fun to your home, depending on how you will utilize it.

With your skills and designs, make your dull-looking backyard into extravaganza or you can opt to hire a professional landscape designer or an architect to unleash your backyard’s full potential.

For references, we present you 17 backyard landscaping design ideas that just pop;

1. Vegetable Garden Backyard

Plant your favorite vegetables and use the geometry of raised boxes to make them beautiful. Paint the boxes according to what you want. Make it more enticing by adding tomatoes with a choice of colors to heirlooms.

2. Rose Garden

Limiting yourself to one form of flower saves long-term landscaping work. You can plant hundreds of grand floras if you are someone who really loves roses. There’s nothing more romantic than this.

3. Lavender Border

A planned garden will definitely offer beauty and elegance. Make your property lines more eye-catching using a straight run of bluestone pavers with lavender borders.

4. Wild Mini-Forest Backyard

If you love venturing into the wilderness, bring this forest into your home. Yes! As long as your background is spacious, you can plant trees and more greens that resemble your favorite forest. This is definitely an ultra-restful landscape.

5. Bungalow

Since then, although we don’t pay much attention to its use, lawns are our go-to for relaxation and activities. But not until the on-going drought in a dry region like California that made people use an alternative way to make use of their backyard. A great solution is to replace the grass with creeping thymes.

An orange Fermob armchair, colorful pottery, and drought-tolerant plants such as tibouchina, lion’s tail, lavender, rosemary, yarrow, Agastache, dwarf strawberry tree, and various succulents and ornamental grass are other features that are kept to a minimum.

6. Patio Full of Flowers

Experience English country home by adding a perfect flower arch along with the patio door frame. This will make your exterior more appealing.

7. Entrance Grandē

Add flowers with punchy powers with elongated topiaries that complement your doorway to experience country living.


8. Floral Border

The floral border is as beautiful as a lavender border. You can use beds of bloom to highlight your pavement and to separate the driveway from the grass.

9. Playground Backyard

If you have kids at home, let them play and enjoy in your backyard by building a playground of different colors to make it more enticing.

10. Climbing Vines

Sometimes, your fences or walls need a bit of decoration. You can use climbing vines such as climbing hydrangea vines or grapevine flowers. There are many types of climbing vines you can choose that suits your taste.

11. Cottage

Do you want a quiet space with a breeze of air, shades of green, and comfortable to rest? A cottage is an excellent choice. You can add gimmicks to make your cottage more enjoyable and relaxing by adding flowers to make it more anticipating.

12. Garden Full of Flowers

Make your garden more exciting and stunning by adding varieties of florals ranging from roses, red-hot poker, allium, begonia, and astrantia. These are some excellent choices you can choose from.

13. Pond Landscaping

If you’re a fan of aquatic species, you can build a pond. Make it more mesmerizing by adding accessories of water hyacinth or lotus flower ponds.

14. Waterfall Landscape

Man-made waterfalls are the best view of your backyard landscaping. The sound of flowing water and the cold breeze is a call of nature.

15. Hot Tub and Barbecue Landscaping

Outing is overrated. Sometimes, you can find solitude and peace within your home. Relax and enjoy in your hot tub while enjoying a barbecue party.

16. Water Fountain

Water fountains should always be on your list if you consider backyard landscaping. Various designs ranging from mid-size traditional vases, natural stone English style garden, to the Mediterranean water fountain. 

17. Outdoor Shower

A tile pavement that leads the way is laid to create a spectacular outdoor shower that appears even more magnificent.  Hang some wall hooks from the outside wall so that, like Missoni stunners, you can show your gorgeous towels. Without having to grow an entire garden, they are a perfect way to put in a selection of colors.

Quarantine is a perfect opportunity to unleash the inner artist in us. Spend time reshaping and beautifying your homes, especially your backyard. Backyard landscaping is costly but it is not a waste of money. It is essential as it contributes to our well-being and quality of life.

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